Why you should insure your cell phone

We all know that part of cell phone deals and contracts being signed, when the salesperson will ask, “Would you like some insurance with that?” And while most people might turn down cell phone insurance, it’s actually a very wise move to sign up and add a little bit extra to your monthly payments – here’s why:

Smartphones are expensive

Gone are the days when your cell phone got nicked off the table at a restaurant and you simply sighed, gritted your teeth, and went back to your mobile service provider to buy another one. With iPhones, Samsung Galaxy and LG handsets, mobile tablets, and other mobile devices costing anywhere between R6 000 and R10 000 to replace, it’s important to insure these high-risk assets.

It’s not just a cell phone

For most cell phone users, their handset or mobile device is not just for telephonic or message-based communication. Whole businesses get run off of smartphones and tablets, and generally a lot of important information is stored on a phone. It would be crucial to back up your apps, data, and contacts to the Cloud or an external storage device for posterity. If your cell phone got damaged or stolen, insurance coverage would provide you with the necessary repairs or replacement so that business could continue as usual.

Kids love phones

The 80’s generation are the parents of today’s young tech geniuses. Your kids will inevitably be fascinated by your smartphone, especially because it’s colourful, makes interesting noises, and they know you have a collection of games on there that you keep yourself entertained with. And kids might not understand that smartphones should not be shaken, bumped, or dropped in the loo – your insurance will cover incidents involving your kids, which turn your smartphone into an expensive paperweight.

A small price to pay

Cell phone insurance is not that expensive for the peace of mind you’re buying into. Imagine the number of hours that have gone into customising your phone settings, setting up your handset for the most streamlined mobile business or personal organisation, downloading apps, and especially what you’re paying for your handset. With the right service provider and back-up installation, if your phone is stolen or broken, you could have it replaced and reformatted within a matter of days, if not hours. Those relatively small insurance premiums will have paid off.

Insurance covers water damage

Many cell phone warranties don’t cover water damage, but optional insurance does. It’s important, though, that you read the fine print, and if there’s a specific risk you want covered in relation to your phone, make sure that it’s stated explicitly in the terms.